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Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Nanowhite Refining Treatment Toner

I used to skip this step of using toner. Yea, yea...I know I shouldn't have done that. But I didn't see why it was necessary, nor did I pay attention to my pores on the face (><).

If you were like me, here is what a toner typically does. It balances the pH of skin after facial wash and also removes excess oil or dirt from face.

[Directions/ How I Use It]
After washing face, I will use around 2 drops of toner on a cotton pad and wipe from the nose to the cheeks (outwards, because my nose area is a tad more oily). 

[What It Does]
This treatment toner tightens pores and removes excess facial oil.
It has Omega White-C, Allantoin, Orange Extract, Lemon Extract and Bilberry Extract to balance and hydrate the skin.

It also contains Witch Hazel which works as an astringent, minimizing pores and removing access oil without drying the skin.

D.I. Water, Witch Hazel Extract, Polysorbate-20, Phenoxyethanol, Bilberry Extract and Sugar Cane Extract and Sugar Maple Extract and Orange Fruit Extract, Sodium Lactate, Allantoin, Fragrance, Waltheria Indica Extract and Mannitol annd Sodium Gluconate and Citric Acid and Sodium Citrate and Dextrin and Ferulic Acid.

First of all, some gals may be concerned that this product is made in Malaysia.
Frankly speaking, it doesn't bother me. Actually, as long as a product works, I'm in. (^^)

This toner feels fresh on the face, and it smells like citrus-ish.
Hence, it isn't oily. (^^)b
Face is left feeling clean(not drying at all).
However, if you are sensitive to fragrance, this may not be a product for you. =p

[Would I Buy It Again?]
Rating: 6/10
This is an okay product, and it works well for my skin.
I purchased this 200ml toner during sales for less than RM15.
If there's sales again, I may re-purchase. (*.^) ~winks~ 


saranghaeyo said...

Hmm.. I need a good toner ^^
Thanks for the review~!

Eisse J said...

saranghaeyo: Thx for dropping by n glad tat u liked my review. I'll be posting more soon.(^^)v

Anonymous said...

fully support~! More blogs please ^-^


Eisse J said...

Thanks Cirphy \(^^)/ Hope that u had a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

are you using it everyday? on day or night?

Eisse J said...

it is possible to be used day and night if you have normal skin. For me, i only used it during day time, and change to another toner that is more moisturizing for night time. (I have dry-ish skin) Hope that helps

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