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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

Okay, i must admit that I bought this during the recent Watsons sales =p
(Kiasu-ism at its best, huh? hehe...)

For a bottle with 200ml cleansing lotion that costs below RM20, I was eager to find out if it works well.

Yippee for the pump....
This is how I used it for the past few weeks.
Just pump 3-4 times and massage a white(medium consistency) cleansing lotion onto face. The silky texture is heavenly...and I had fun massaging my face =)

Then use cotton pads and wipe off the lotion or wash with water.
Your makeup should be removed. (^^)/ Easy.

Nice texture, and it encourages me to massage my face and neck. (^o^)
Cleans quite well, and face feels clean, fresh & soft after wiping-off with cotton pads.
I have dry skin, so moisturizing effect is a plus point for me. =)

Nevertheless, when I wipe my face with toner, there is still some makeup left.
 =S Not cool. So, I recommend to wash your face after that to remove all traces of makeup.

Furthermore, I've tried removing eye-makeup with a Q-tip using this....
(It would be great if it can clean the face + eye makeup, right?)
but OHHHHH-IT-STINGS if it gets to the eye...

[Would I Buy It Again?]
Ratings: 6/10
I'm still considering...=p coz it stings my eyes...sniff.. (T.T)
It's affordable and I had fun massaging my face though.


Slowbrogal said...

Hi Eisse,

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I adores this remover, as for double cleansing. I don't use it for eyes though.

Eisse J said...

Slowbrogal: yea, better stay clear of eyes area(nods)... =)

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