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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did You Know: Travelling Tips Before Flying with Budget Airlines - What You Need To Know

Hello everyone. I'm trying to squeeze another post while I'm over at Singapore. As I am taking Tiger airways this time, today's travelling tips will be related to travelling by air. When I first travelled alone, I was very nervous and wasn't sure what to prepare. So, here are some tips to be shared with you.

[ Booking Flight Tickets ]
There are many ways to book a ticket and most of us do it directly via websites using credit card or bank transfer. Sometimes, we tend to book 2 tickets together for a round trip (depart & return). For those that have a credit card in your home country(e.g. Malaysia) as well as another credit card in your destination country (e.g. Singapore), it may be cheaper if we surveyed a few airline companies and did a comparison of each separately. Seriously! (^^) In addition to that, book tickets early or during promotions for further savings. Do take note that are often promotions a few weeks before festive seasons.

[ Before Flying ]
Check your baggage limit (size and weight) of check-in as well as hand-carry luggage. If you want to pack more stuffs, choose a light-weight travelling bag, and carry your liquids in small containers and not as the original bottle. If you plan to hand-carry your luggage, pre-pack your liquids in resealable plastic bags.

Click here for further information: KLIA Website 

Normally LCCT isn't very strict with the weight limits but it doesn't mean that the rules can be ignored. Beware that you might be charged for the extra luggage weight before the flight back from the destination country.

Try to bring clothes that doesn't crumple easily, and you won't have to worry about ironing your clothes during travelling. =) If you plan to do shopping, bring an extra duffel bag. This way, you don't have to spend unnecessary money in purchasing another bag. (*.^) -wink-

[ During Your Flight ]
Get as much sleep as possible during flight to maximize the time at your destination. Plan wisely (^^). Drink more water and avoid caffeinated drinks to stay hydrated, if you are on a long flight. For budget airlines, you have to pay for food/meals separately.

Well, that's all for now. Do you need any other tips? Let me know and I'll share them with you. Have a fun weekend!

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