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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review: Nanowhite Omega Day Shield SPF50++ skin color (35ml)

Everyone needs a decent sunblock/sun screen that works for them, but some(like me) have a tighter budget. So, I like to try new stuffs that come on-shelf and is on promotion. (^^) I was looking for a new sunscreen because my previous Loreal sunscreen is too oily for my T-zone. That was when i overhead two INTI college students picking this up. (I'm sorry. Didn't mean to eavesdrop (><)) They had flawless skin, and that is a good sign, right?

[ Directions/ How I Use It ]
Squeeze out a bit of sunblock/ sunscreen.
Apply thinly over face

[ What It Does ]
It has SPF 50++ to shield skin from UVA and UVB radiation to help minimize  pigmentation, and leave you with fairer complexion. It doesn't clog pores and promises to deliver noticeable results within 3 days.

Click to enlarge for datails of nano molecule+ Happy Endorphine-Penetration:

[ Ingredients ]
Omega White C: Breakthrough in Japan. Effectively whitens the skin surface and the cells within the epidermis to make skin 5x fairer and radiant.

Endorphene Aromatechnology: New skin science shows that endorphins play an important role in the vitality and appearance of the skin. It open up pores for better absorption of the ingredients.

Nano Peptide (nano technology): contains 2 types of nano particles, one is charged with Idebenone, the other with Vitamin C & E to penetrate ingredients into deeper skin layers.

SPF 50++: With broad spectrum for better protection against melanin production & acts as sunblock

[ Review ]
As you can see, there are 2 versions where one is clear while the other is  in skin color. The skincolor version has thicker n creamier consistency, compared to the other one. For me, this does leave a sheer color (not as much as BB cream), that is good for those that doesn't wear makeup, but would like to even-up skin tone. The color looks dark, but it is actually very sheer so do not worry. As for the clear sunscreen, I think that may be more suitable for those with dryer skin as it has a lotion-like consistency, and it glides easily on skin. People with oily-skin may not like this version, though.

I have been using the nanowhite omega day shield SPF 50++ (skin color) tube on the face with loose powder on top when I am doing my research studies and do not want to wear much makeup. I notice that face can stay matte for about 6 to 8 hours. My face is fairer due to sun-protection, but I didn't notice any obvious whitening effects. This sunsceen has worked for me and skin doesn't break out.

As for the Endorphene Aromachology, it is supposed to be a "Happy" Endorphine but I'm not so sure about that. Nevertheless. the scent is quite mild and fresh, which I like.

[ Would I Buy It Again? ]
Rating: 8/10
Considering the price, this is a pretty good sunscreen that works for me. I am now using Nanowhite sunscreen in clear-white, and it has a lotion consistency. Although it doesn't feel as light as the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ (PA+++) Helioplex , this will still be on my repurchase list. If the Neutrogena one is too drying for your skin, perhaps this may work?

Actually, this sunscreen is often on sales with 15-20% discount on Watsons, Guardian or even Shopping Malls.

[ Pre-Raya Weekend Post ]
This morning, I was driving back from Setapak to Nilai and there are lots of cars on the road! Very much more than the usual crowd. I guess most are rushing for car-servicing and also shopping for the Raya celebration? Well, are you doing raya shopping this weekend? Although I don't celebrate it, I'm in the Raya mood too. (^^) Cheers and have a happy weekend ~   Eisse J


hamzah ian said...

this blog about cosmetic right??

Eisse J said...

Hi hamzah ian, I guess you can say so. (^^) Thanks for dropping by. Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya 2 you. =)

Jobless Girl said...

Nice blog.

Eisse J said...

Thanks, girl =)

mishfaeen said...

when we can use omega day shield actually...can i use it with day renew cream?

gades gile musicc!! said...

Hello, anyone who consume Omega Day Shield (sunscreen) skin colour, I have 2 boxes (new)to letgo.

Retail price for 1: RM29.90
So I will let go 2 boxes for only RM55 inc postage.

Reason for sell coz I'm not wear it. Buy it along with the basic box, but I just used other Nano products except this one.

Wassap 019-4694655

Farwina Faroque said...

Hello Eisse. Thank you for this review, it really helps me to understand the product. However, I find it difficult to buy the one with the 'Skin Color' / green cap. Mind to share where did you purchase it?

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