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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did You Know: We can easily make our own DIY face masks

#1. Did You Know? We can make our own DIY face mask? (^^)

I am a fan of Hada Labo on facebook, and today I read some interesting tips from their site and decided to share with you. I can't wait to try all of them! Here is one of their tips, with a summary poster attached. Stay tuned for more ladies.

First and foremost, you'll need just two items. (1)Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) Moisturizing Lotion or Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion and, (2) Dry Paper Mask of any type. If you are staying in Malaysia/Singapore, you could get some at cosmetic shops such as SASA and Watsons.Once both are ready, you are ready to start your very first DIY face mask.

[ Easy Steps ]
Step 1. Cleanse your Face
Step 2. Pour sufficient amount of Lotion onto a dry paper mask, and let it soak for a while.
Step 3. Once the paper mask has fully absorbed the lotion , unfold the mask.
Step 4. Place mask onto face & relax for 10 - 15 minutes.
Step 5. Remove mask after Step 4, and gently pat the remaining Lotion until fully absorbed

Special Note: It is best to lie down flat on your back to prevent skin from sagging due to gravity!
(For a larger image, click the image below)
For the original source, click here

I'm surely going to try it this weekend. Did I mention how I love that this is much more affordable?
Have fun trying!

Lots of love, Eisse J

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