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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: Secret Pearl Eyeliner Extreme Smooth Application (1.2g)

I'm waiting for my flight back to KL, and have some time to update with a post. Following my previous (^^) experience on Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil, I was determined to continue my search for other affordable yet good eyeliner pencil as there is no white color for the Silkygirl range. This time, I wanted to try Secret Pearl Eyeliners, which were purchased at local Guardian stores. For those that are curious, Secret product range is actually from Follow Me, and they have a variety of colors to suite your mood every day.

[ Directions/ How I Use It ]
Similar to my previous post, kohl eyeliner pencils are the best for beginners. Just apply on upper lid near the lash line or on your lower lid lash line. For me, I smudge it out to achieve an eyeshadow function, or for a more dramatic/ sweet look.

[ What It Does ]
Adds definition to your eyes, with pearly colors. The texture is soft and doesn't tug or drag eyeslids. Example: You can play with its colors like a white eyeliner pencil drawn on your lower lid lash line can instantly make your eyes look brighter! It's a life saver when I look tired from lack of sleep.

[ Ingredients ]
Not stated on the pencil, and there are no further information on their website either. On the pencil, there's a stamp 'Made in Germany', with manufacturing date. =p

[ Review ]
These eyeliner pencils are indeed very soft and I like how it glides on the eyelids. The colors are rather sheer(not very pigmented), and chalky unlike the Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencils. These Pearl Eyeliner has tiny shimmers in them, but I find the shimmers too sparse, and the eyeliner application is uneven. In fact, the shimmers in the white eyeliner is silver-ish and hence make the white color look 'dirty'. (><) Nevertheless, they don't smudge for about 6-8 hours.

[ Would I Buy It Again? ]
Rating: 5/10
I am quite disappointed with the white-eyeliner as the tiny shimmers really does make the color looks dirty. Sigh, I'll be throwing this into my 'to-be-forgotten' drawer. )><( Luckily the other colors like Sweet Violet (SPE10) and Coral Pink (SPE6) aren't as bad.

Can anyone recommend me a good white eyeliner pencil?


saranghaeyo said...

Aw, stinks it was a miss :(

Eisse J said...

saranghaeyo: Yeah...but I now have another reason to continue shopping... ~evil grin~ haha XD

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